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Stress patterns are identified by stimuli that elicit a decrease of energetic coherence when present in the body field.


Famed Canadian stress research pioneer Hans Selye distinguished between beneficial eustress and damaging distress.

Hormesis is the process of healing and strengthening in response to life's normal, minor stresses.

I'm sure you've heard the saying, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

Let's refine our thinking on that topic based on over 40 years of clinical exploration...

What you have the resources to fully heal in real-time makes you stronger.

The stresses that your body cannot fully heal accumulate as layers of damage and deposition that kill you slowly...

In this section of Clinical Theory we will explore the many types of stress patterns that we identify in various modalities of functional response testing.

When you think about it, most of the medical tests we do are fundamentally structural in nature.

From imaging studies like X-ray, CAT Scan, and MRI to microscopic viewing of the histological cellular structure of a biopsy sample, to chemistries like common blood tests, we are essentially extending our visual function to see the body's material structure in different frequency bands and at different magnifications...

Some modern medical testing now extends to the documentation of body functions such as EKG, EEG, Thermography, and f-MRI.

Beyond this level of evaluation is what I think of as functional response testing.

A familiar example of a functional response test would be a Stress Test of the heart function, where the EKG is not only observed when the body is at rest, but the electrical function of the heart is monitored during an exercise stimulus.

In the early 1950s, a German Dentist, Dr. Reinhold Voll, who also became qualified as an Medical Doctor and Acupuncturist developed a functional test for measuring energetic activity at the acupuncture points.

This test known as Electroacupuncture According to Voll (EAV) also served as a functional response test for evaluating the effectiveness of acupuncture treatments by measuring the impedence of points before and after treatment.

In 1953, a fortuitous observation was made at a hospital where Dr. Voll was training other doctors.

One of the doctors being trained volunteered as a subject for demonstration purposes.

Dr. Voll identified a low impedence reading on the volunteer's Prostate point on the foot, considered a degenerative indicator.

As it was time for lunch, Dr. Voll instructed the class not to implement any acupuncture during the break, so they could all observe the process on return.

The doctors went across the street from the hospital to get lunch, and came back to continue the class.

As the weather was cold in Germany, the volunteer still had his coat on when Dr. Voll retested the Prostate point, and to his surprise it tested normal.

He chastised the doctor for failing to follow directions, as only acupuncture treatment had been seen to affect the point measurements.

The volunteer doctor assured Dr. Voll that he had not done any acupuncture, and as he was warming up, he took off his coat.

On testing the point again, the disordered reading was back!

Confused by this unusual occurrence, their first thought was whether somehow his coat had some magic healing property...

Indeed, when he put his coat on, the point measured normal, and taking it off restored the low reading.

Finally the doctor being tested remembered that he had stopped by the hospital pharmacy and picked up a homeopathic remedy that had been recommended to him for his prostate at a previous seminar, but he had not even opened the vial...

This was the inception of Medication Testing (Med Testing), as now the coat was not needed, but only to introduce the present of a well selected medicine in resonance with the body.

Later studies confirmed that this response is triggered when the resonant remedy is brought within one centimeter of the body, even through a vacuum in the intervening space.

This is the same one centimeter space surrounding the body in which the body's energy field, or biofield, can be visualized with Kirlian photography or Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV).

Today, we continue to develop a handful of methods for communicating with the biofield, even at remote distances.

Functional response testing is the medicine of the future, because it goes beyond showing us what the body is made of and even how it works, but answers the question of how will it respond to our proposed interventions.

Doctors who practice in this field of European Biological Medicine are said to gain the equivalent of 10 years of normal clinical experience in just 1 year of practice.

By that measure, as the Wizard of Wellness, I have the equivalent of over 400 years of experience, although I like to think I don't look a day over 300...


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