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Organ stresses are stress response patterns localized to a particular body tissue.

Organ Stresses

Organ stresses are typically identified as stress responses to a low homeopathic potency of a tissue sample from a healthy, biodynamically raised cow.

Although the preparations may vary in composition, the potency most often used is the fourth decimal dilution (such as D4), so there is one part in ten thousand of physical matter present in the sample.

Some energetic resonance samples are tested in other dilutions including D26 and D60...

Histology slides and other undiluted material samples can also be used as an alternative source of resonance for the organ or tissue sample.

The testing procedure involves detection of a stress response to a healthy organ tissue stimulus, indicating that the body's energetic response system is already on alert for such a signal calling for assistance to be provided to that tissue.

Following is an alphabetical listing of the Organ Stress identities that we commonly scan in a manual Biofield Analysis, some of which have been produced by us for our hierarchical testing kits.

(Names in parenthesis are the labelled names on the test vials as reference for those in Apprenticeship training)


Our top Adrenal remedy is Adrenal Repair: Sublingual 7-Keto

7-Keto DHEA is a natural metabolite of the adrenal gland's over-the-counter (in the States) Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). 

While it delivers the same anti-inflammatory benefits, reducing the need for prescription steroids, and easing tapering off the Rx forms, it support restoration of the adrenals' anti-inflammatory function without affecting other hormone levels such as Estrogen and Testosterone for which DHEA is a precursor.


Anal stress factors can include hemmorhoids typically due to underlying Liver stress balanced with Liver Support.

Itching in the anal area can be related to parasites that respond to Para-Cleanse.

Appendix (Appendix Vermiformis)

The Appendix functions as a Lymph Node for the gut, and secretes immune compounds to regulate growth of bacteria in the colon and prevent colonic bacteria from invading the Small Intestine.

Microbiome and Lymph Flow provide excellent support for the Appendix.

In case of parasite involvement with the Appendix, consider Para-Cleanse.

Aqueous Humor

The Aqueous Humor is the fluid in the interior front part of the eye called the Anterior Chamber.

The fluid is produced by the Ciliary Body and is similar to the Cerebrospinal Fluid in the Brain and Spinal Cord.

In Glaucoma, the pressure gradient relationship between these two fluids at the Optic Nerve Head is thought to be one of the crucial factors in pathological change.

In Glaucoma there is typically a much greater variance between daytime and nighttime IOP.

Our OcuFlow Daytime and OcuFlow Bedtime are formulated to support healthy regulation of Intracular Pressure (IOP) throughout the diurnal cycle.

Autonomic Nervous System (Autonomic)

The ANS regulates the function of most cells via the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic division.

Parasympathetic nerves carry instructions to Rest and Digest.

The Sympathetic Nervous System is an alert system for Fright, Fight, or Flight.

Popular remedies for stress reduction include our Stress Release capsules and NES's ESR Infoceutical for Emotional Stress Release

Bile Ducts (Ductuli Biliferi)

The Bile Ducts are the microscopic tubules in the Liver that collect bile.

Bile flow is enhanced by TMG Powder and Liver Support helps the liver with its complex multitasking at the Bile Ducts, excreting toxins and preparing to finish the digestion of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

Bladder (Urinary)

Our Flow Ease formula makes a pleasant drink that is very soothing and healing for the Urinary Tract.

It was inspired by clients with chronic Interstitial Cystitis, which means inflammation in the bladder.

Blood (RBC)

Bone (Skeletal)]

Brain (Cerebrum)

Breast (Mamma Dextra, Mamma Sinistra)


Carotid Artery (Art. Carotis Interna)

Cervical (Vertebra Cervicalis)

Ciliary Body

Circulation (Glomus Caroticus)



Coronary Ateries (Ateria Coronaria)

Dental (Ostitis)


Ear (Auricular)

Extra-ocular Muscles (Musculi Oculi)

Gall Bladder (Vesica Fellea)

Gastro-Intestinal (Intestinal)

Heart (Cor)

Heart Function

Heart Rhythm (Fasciculus Atrioventriculus)



Joints (Articular)


Lens (Crystalline Lens)

Liver (Hepatic)

Lumbar (Vertebra Lumbalis)

Lung (Pulmonary)

Medulla (Medulla Spinalis)

Mucosa of the Colon (Tunica Mucosa Coli)

Muscle (Muscular)

Myelin Sheath

Optic Nerve

Ovary (Gonad)

Pancreas (Pancreatic)

Pancreas Cauda (test for Sugar Regulation)


Pineal (Epiphysis)





Sacrum (Vertebra Sacralis)

Salivary Glands (Salivary)

Sciatic Nerve (Nervus Ischiaticus)



Spleen (Lien)

Stomach (Gastric)

Tempero-Mandibular Joint (TMJ)

Testes (Gonad)

Thalamus (test for Autonomic Dysfunction)

Thoracic (Vertebra Thoracica)

Thymus (Thymus Glandula)


Tonsils (Tonsilae Palatinae)

Trigeminal Nerve (Nervus Trigeminus)

Uterus (Genital)

Visual Cortex (Cerebrum Occipitalis)

Vitreous Humor (Corpus Vitreum)


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