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Epigenetics is the response of the DNA expression to the energetic information field environment of the cell.


Epigenetics is the response of the DNA expression to the energetic information field environment of the cell.

The power of the epigentic information field over genetic expression is well illustrated by a published study of a pair of identical twins. The sisters inherited the genetics of Retinitis Pigmentosa which is considered 100% heritable. As usual with the condition, both sisters had normal vision as children, showing that health vision genes also coexist in the cells. On maturation, the condition expresses phenotypically as progressive loss of night vision and then daytime vision leading to total blindness. In this case, one of the sisters never lost her normal vision, despite having the identical disease genes.

We see healing with improvement in structure and function in genetic conditions with Accelerated Self Healing™, which includes an array of therapy modalities that correct and harmonize the epigenetic information field. Our central purpose is to continually re-establish as state of Biofield Coherence™.

We encourage everyone to complete a once-in-a-lifetime process of Transgenerational Perception Reframing. This process clears the inherited epigenetic patterns of disease that run in the family. The EVOX (vox is Latin for voice) system works over the internet while we communicate with you by phone during each session. EVOX software identifies the stress frequencies associated with each parent and grandparent. Those frequencies are then communicated in association with a stress-free state of relaxation directly to the cells of the body. This signal is sent by an electromagnetic signal via the Meridians. The new association changes the meaning of the former stress frequency at the cellular level.

In homeopathy for hundreds of years, inherited patterns of susceptibility to disease have been recognized and healed. These epigenetic patterns are known as Miasms. A classic illustration of the power of these information fields was demonstrated by a patient of mine almost 40 years ago when I was beginning to explore the many dimensions of what we now call Accelerated Self Healing™. A mature woman reported that her unusual lifelong symptoms were shared even more strongly by her mother, whom she had not seen nor heard from in over 30 years. When the woman’s symptoms began responding to our natural therapies, she was shocked to get a phone call out of the blue from her estranged mother. Before the daughter shared anything about herself, her mother said, “You know that problem I always had? Well, it has just started going away finally even though I didn’t do anything different to cause it!” I was able to explain to the daughter how the 50% of her DNA that was identical with her mother’s acts as a transmitter/receiver for biocommunication. It works not only locally within the body, but non-locally across space, independent of distance, via worm-hole connections of quantum entanglement. It didn’t matter that her mother lived over 1,000 miles away... This was a perfect example of transgenerational healing!

Another core modality in Accelerated Self Healing for correcting the epigenetic information field is the Infoceuticals from NES in England.

Infoceutical Patterns:

Intracellular responses to chronic and acute stresses are triggered by allowing Calcium ions to enter the cells. 

With significant chronicity or severity, this Calcium deposits intracellularly, producing a focal area of stress in the tissue that continues to produce stress responses even after the initial triggers are gone or resolved.

German New Medicine Founder, Ryke Geerd Hamer, MD, discovered the links between focal spherical stress areas in the brain found in MRI studies and patterns of systemic expression of symptoms and disease.

The NES Brain Hologram Infoceuticals supply the healthy epigenetic information signals to help restore balanced function to these areas of the central nervous system.  

CCH: Cerebral Cortex Hologram

The cerebral cortex is the conscious part of the brain, including sensory, motor, integrative, and planning functions. There are several types of biological conflicts that involve the cerebral cortex:

Motor Cortex Constellation biological conflict:

A motor conflict expresses symptoms in the skeletal muscles, and can also leave you feeling stuck in life.

Post Sensory Cortex Constellation biological conflict:

A separation conflict can be experienced as a loss of (physical) contact related to the skin's sensation of touch; also, wanting to separate from someone. Short term memory loss functions to suppress consciousness of the separation

Temporal Lobe Constellation biological conflict:

Territorial conflicts are related to the sex hormones:

The right temporal lobe relates to male territorial conflicts:

territorial fear conflict

territorial loss conflict

territorial anger conflict

territorial marking conflict

The left temporal lobe relates to female territorial conflicts associated with a woman’s “inner space”, including reproduction:

scare-fright conflict

sexual conflict

identity conflict

marking conflict 

Frontal Constellation biological conflicts affect the thyroid gland:

frontal-fear conflict

powerless conflict

Fronto-Occipital Constellation biological conflicts affect acute panic, the contralateral thyroid, and the retina and vitreous body of the eye:

frontal-fear conflict

powerless conflict

“fear in the neck” that cannot be shaken off

fear of a “predator”

CMH: Cerebral Medulla Hologram

Cerebral Medulla Constellation biological conflicts trigger the compulsion to draw attention to self:

Narcissism and megalomania protect against further self-devaluation conflict.

self-devaluation conflict

loss conflict

CBH: Cerebellum Hologram

Cerebellum Constellation biological conflicts:

Characteristics include emotionally numb, cold, distant to avoid further exhaustion from feeling; lacking empathy and compassion.

attack conflicts correspond to:

corium skin




nest-worry/argument conflicts correspond to:

breast glands

BSH: Brain Stem Hologram

Brain Stem Constellation biological conflicts:

morsel conflicts

starvation conflict

death-fright conflict

abandonment conflict, existence conflict, refugee conflict

procreation or gender conflict


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