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Functional stresses are response patterns that are missing some key element needed to complete the healing process.

Functional Stresses

Functional stresses are typically identified as stress responses to a homeopathic potency of a related compound.

Energetic resonance samples may range from undiluted physical material to potencies of 1M or higher...

The testing procedure involves detection of a stress response to a stimulus, indicating that the body's energetic response system is already on alert for such a signal calling for assistance to be provided for the related function.

Following is an alphabetical listing of the Functional Stress identities that we commonly scan in a manual Biofield Analysis, some of which have been produced by us for our hierarchical testing kits.

(Names in parenthesis are the labelled names on the test vials as reference for those in Apprenticeship training)

Acid (Lithium carbonicum D30)

The body is Alkaline by design, but Acid by Function.

The bones store Calcium as a potent buffer against Acid Stress, and the Blood must be maintained at a slightly Alkaline pH to avoid coma or death.

Acid is produced as Carbonic Acid by Oxidative Respiration in the Mitochondria.

Stress responses also produce Acidity in the body.

Modern processed and refined foods are highly acidifying as are most modern pharmaceutical medicines.

Adrenal Stress (Natrium muriaticum D200)

Alkaline (Oxalicum acidum D30)


Autoimmune (Allergy)


Black Band/Chronic Weakness (Plumbum D800)

Black Band/Chronic Weakness (Manganum D800)

Carbohydrate Toxicity


Chronic Focus +1 (Thuja D30)

Chronic Focus +2 (Thuja D200)

CNS Drug Effects (Nux vomica D30)

Connective Tissue Overload (Interstitial)

Cortisone, Endogenous (Sympathicus D60)

Cortisone, Exogenous (Cortisone D30)

Cyst (Rhus toxicodendron D32)



Electromagnetic Stress +1 (Electromagnetic)

Electromagnetic Stress +2 (Cuprum metallicum D25)

Electromagnetic Stress +3 (Cuprum metallicum D25)

Endogenous Depression (Mandragora e radice D60)

Energy Depletion +1 (Selenium D30)

Energy Depletion +2 (Selenium D60)

Energy Depletion +3 (Selenium D200)

Environmental Allergy (Histaminum D200)


Fatty Acid

Food Allergy (Histaminum D60)


Geopathic Yang (Calcarea carbonara D1)

Geopathic Yin (Achetsplitter)

Growth Tendency (Carcinominum D32; Neoplastic)


Hypofunction (Yin; Leinol)

Hyperfunction (Yang; Zucker Wasser)

Hypoxia (Sulfur D200)

Immune (Immuno)

Inflammation +1 (Argentum metallicum D60)
Inflammation +2 (Argentum metallicum D200)

Ionizing Radiation (Ionizing)

Irritation +1 (Causticum D30)
Irritation +2 (Causticum D200)
Irritation +3 (Causticum D400)

Large Intestine Dysbiosis (Skatol D32)

Lymph Stress (Lymph)
Lymph Stress +1 (Folliculi Lymphatici Aggregati D6)
Lymph Stress +2 (Folliculi Lymphatici Aggregati D12)
Lymph Stress +3 (Folliculi Lymphatici Aggregati D30)
Lymph Stress +4 (Folliculi Lymphatici Aggregati D60)
Lymph Stress +5 (Folliculi Lymphatici Aggregati D200)

Magnetic Field Stress (Iron filings)



Masked Geopathic Stress (Silica 1M)

Miasm/Inherited Toxicity (Chromium metallicum D60, 400, 800)

For details of individual Miasms, see the Miasms page.


Minerals are a fundamental building block of both health and disease.

For details on specific nutrient minerals and toxic minerals, see the page on Chemistry.

Morphological Change (Phosphorus D400)


Past Exposure to Toxins (Chromium metallicum D30, 60, 400)

Penetration of Toxins into Cell (Psorinum D32)

Present Exposure to Toxins (Chromium metallicum D400)


Scar Disturbance Field

Situational Depression (Mandragora e radice D30)

Small Intestine Dysbiosis (Indikan D32)

Swelling (Conium maculatum D32)

Thoughts Causing Disease (Asafoetida D200)

Thoughts Interfering With Healing (Asafoetida D60

Tissue Repair

Toxic Mineral




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