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Nosodes are homeopathic preparations of disease tissues or disease vectors.


Nosodes are homeopathic preparations of disease tissues or disease vectors.

A nosode can produce a stress response when introduced to the biofield.

The response can be further categorized as Iso or Homeo, making the nosode an iso-nosode or homeo-nosode.

Iso means same, so this response indicates a level of identity with the stimulus.

Homeo means similar, so it indicates a level of similarity with the stimulus.

Since nosodes relate to diseases or causes of disease such as pathogenic organisms, and since this kind of functional response testing is not medically diagnostic in the clinico-legal sense, we find that is sufficient for the purposes of consulting, coaching and healing to refrain from sharing the specific identity of the nosode with the client or patient.

One exception to this general practice would be with miasms, which are inherited, or at least inheritable epigenetic patterns.


Miasms take about 30 years to penetrate sufficiently into the epigenetic patterning to be heritable.

They are seen as resonances of at least a 200th homeopathic potency.

A fascinating observation of clearing miasms is that clearing this multigenerational resonance can affect the epigenetics of relatives even at a distance.

I worked with a woman who had an unusual symptom that her mother had suffered with even more severely her whole life.

When we finally cleared the woman's miasm, she received a phone call out of the blue from her mother who had not communicated with her for over 30 years.

Before she even had a chance to tell her healing experience with her mother, her mother shared that her life-long issue had for no apparent reason finally cleared up.

Cell Memory

At a 60th potency we see patterns of cell memory left from past pathogenic encounters that have not fully released their epigenetic adaptations.

At progressively lower potencies, such as 30, 26, 15, 5, and 4 we see progressively material resonance effects.


Some possible interpretations of various potencies:


32: This can be interpreted as having a very strong physical-like resonance, likely because 32 equals 2 to the 5th power, that is 2x2x2x2x2, and so it has a strong harmonic undertone of a 2nd potency.


30: Since this is above Avogadro's number, there is no statistical likelihood of any material substance being present. In France non-material doses are illegal. Why? Because their belief is that without matter, it can't have any effect? Therefore it's dangerous and must be banned? Go figure...


26: This is at the Avogadro limit between material and non-material presence (for decimal scale X or D potencies), so it is highly energetic.


15: Energetic resonance


12: The 


9: 9C potency 






In some cases, when we identify the remedies that clear the stress response to a particular nosode potency, the resonance shifts to a different potency.

If the issue is primarily energetic, the resonance may shift through higher potencies before clearing fully.

In other cases, where there is more material impact to resolve, the potencies can shift progressively first to lower potencies, and finally back to higher and higher frequencies until the stress pattern ultimately clears.

Nosodes We May Specify on Your Report:


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