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Miasms are inheritable epigenetic patterns of DNA function.


Miasms take about 30 years to penetrate sufficiently into the epigenetic patterning to be heritable.

They are seen as resonances of at least a 200th homeopathic potency.

A fascinating observation of clearing miasms is that clearing this multigenerational resonance can affect the epigenetics of relatives even at a distance.

I worked with a woman who had an unusual symptom that her mother had suffered with even more severely her whole life.

After working with her for several months, eventually the miasmatic pattern appeared in her active stress patterns her body was ready to heal.

When we finally cleared the woman's miasm, she received a phone call out of the blue from her mother who had not communicated with her for over 30 years.

Before she even had a chance to tell her healing experience with her mother, her mother shared that her life-long issue had for no apparent reason finally cleared up.


Arsenicum is the Viral Miasm, related to low energy terrain identified in our Clinical Theory as Phase 1: Energize.

The Arsenic Miasm is related to the Syphilinum Miasm.

Arsenic was used as a treatment for Syphilis.

Arsenic can produce the unusual combination of sensations of burning that are relieved by heat.


Aurum identifies the Emotional Miasm.

The Aurum Miasm represents the epigenetic pattern related to the mineral Gold.

Gold is an antidote to Mercury, and is used in Oligoelement trace mineral therapy along with Silver and Copper for healing the low energy terrain of Phase 1: Energize.

Excess Gold can cause depression.


Carcinosinum represents the classical Cancer Miasm, which is associated with the terrain of viral infection, cancer and degenerative disease that we call Phase 1: Energize.

Key symptoms of the Cancer miasm can include headache, weakened immunity, and extreme cravings for sugar and chocolate.

Keynotes also may include emotional sensitivity as well as resignation, and emotional repression of anger, fear, and aggression. 

(See also Scirrhinum)


(See Syphilinum)


(See Sycosis)


Mercury identifies the Heavy Metal Miasm as Mercury is the most symptomatic of all the heavy metals.

Mercury is known as the great masquerader of the mineral kingdom, capable of producing any symptom depending on its location.

This is similar to Syphilis, the great masquerader of the bacterial realm, and Mercury was a primary medicine used to treat Syphilis.


The Petroleum Miasm is a relatively new Petrochemical Miasm triggered by exposure to petrochemicals.

About two thirds of modern pharmaceutical medicines are produced from petrochemical sources.


Phosphorus identifies the Radiation Miasm.

Phosphorus is a very fiery and high energy mineral.

Cellular energy from oxidative metabolism of sugars, fats, and amino acids is stored in high energy phosphate bonds in Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).

The Phosphorus Miasm can include heightened sensitivity and quick perceptions. 


Psora means itch, and the classical Psoric Miasm is identified by resonance with the homeopathic preparation made from the scabies parasite.

The Psora Miasm is related to Allergy & Toxicity Terrain which we identify as Phase 4: Cleanse.

The cleansing reaction in this miasmatic pattern can include any route of elimination including the skin.

In this state, the body reacts to stimuli producing functional disturbances and uncomfortable symptoms.

Keynote symptoms of Psora can include mild functional disturbances, lung problems, skin issues like dryness, itching and eruptions, deficiencies, lack, and pessimistic fears about money and survival.


Scirrhinum represents the terrain or diathesis of the Cancer Miasm, which we identify with Phase 1: Energize in the Five Phases of Health model.

(See also Carcinosinum)


The Syphilinum Miasm is a destructive epigenetic pattern.

It is a deeper response than the Sycotic Miasm.

Keynote symptoms can include ulceration, destruction, degeneration and contraction of tissues leading to deformity, bone diseases, such as bone cancer, and conditions beginning with the prefix "Dys".

Key symptoms also can include feelings of revulsion and disgust, and fear of going crazy.

(Alternate Name: Luesinum)


Sulphur identifies the Immune System Miasm related to allergy and toxicity.

Sulphur is associated with Phase 4: Cleansing Terrain, as Sulphur is the most detoxifying mineral and the most centrifugal homeopathic remedy.

Homeopathic Sulphur is a primary remedy for the Psora Miasm.


Sycosis sounds like Psychosis, but the meaning is not the same...

It typically relates to the suppression of gonorrheal infections in our ancestry.

The Sycotic Miasm is a hypersensitive and hypertrophic epigenetic pattern from suppressive treatments resulting in accumulation of stored toxins in the body tissues.

Keynote symptoms of this miasm can include warts and skin tags, mucus and other discharges, benign growths and tumors, digestive, joint and blood disorders, inflammation, and asthma.

Keynotes can also include bi-polar extremes of energy, and a tendency toward feelings of guilt, suspicion, a love of power, and emotional cruelty.

(See also Medorrhinum)


The Thuja occidentalis tree is also known as Arbor vitae, which means the tree of life.

Thuja identifies the Focal Disturbance Miasm related to the Sycosis Miasm, as the Thuja state is the effect of Sycosis such as from suppression of gonorrhea.

Thuja keynote symptoms include fluid retention, warts and tumors, and bad effects of vaccination, as well as delusions and fears.



The classical Tubercular Miasm is related to Fungal Terrain, which we identify with Phase 3: Regeneration.

It can relate to hyperactivity, lung function, weakness, and swollen glands.

Keynote symptoms can include digestive and urinary issues, allergies, sensitivity to the cold, as well as lung, respiratory and breathing problems, and frequent coughs and colds.

Keynotes can also include a sense of restlessness, and feeling trapped, leading to vindictive behavior.


Some vaccines cause Miasms as a side effect, and all vaccines tend to put the body into low energy terrain as documented by Bioelectronics of Vincent measurements on hundreds of thousands of patients over many decades.

The Vaccination Miasm identifies with Anergic or Low Energy Terrain, which we call Phase 1: Energize in our model of the Five Phases of Health.


New Miasms:



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